Guiding Principles of Our Practice


Guiding Principles of Our Practice

Dr. Olson

Through Excellence and Christ-like Service we Improve the Quality of Life of our Dental Family


My Dental Company pursues excellence in many components of our practice. First is excellence in patient and team experiences, including products and services that positively impact the oral health and increases the quality of life of our dental family. We also pursue excellence by fostering a culture of continual personal and professional development founded on Christ-like attributes and characteristics. Our proven professional principles, up to date technology and advances in dentistry to achieve an over-all excellence in patient treatment and service cannot be beat!

Christ-like Service

We will serve our patients, and all people we come in contact with, in a compassionate manner that exceeds their positive expectations. And when we or they feel we are serving them just right, that’s when we know that we are just starting to get it right!

Improve the Quality of Life

We seek to improve the quality of life in all of our patients through excellence in oral health care and needed procedures to enhance such. While doing an individual’s oral care we strive to enrich their lives (and all around us) with deliberate positive actions, demonstrating our Core Values and Mission Statement.

Dental Family

In our company you are family!

Vision Statement

Passionately Serving our Patients with Excellence, Integrity, and Joy; instilling Faith. We expect every day as a team: Unity, Honesty, Team work, Continual improvement, Personal accountability and Excellence.

Core Values

Honesty | Integrity | Humility | Charity | Loyalty | Personal Accountability | Unity | The Golden Rule | Faith | Hard Work | Teamwork | Continual improvement | Excellence | Passionately serving | Efficiency


We believe that we should tell the truth in all that we do. Even when it is hard. If we make a mistake or if something unexpected happens we will let our patients know and work to create the best outcome we can for our patients.


We will act the same in all situations, in a manner consistent with our Mission Statement, Core Values and the Christ-like attributes and characteristics that we pursue.


We recognize that all of our blessings and all that’s good comes from God! We are His children who work to bless the lives of others and give Him the glory. We are nothing without Him, but with Him we can do anything He asks of us!


Charity is the pure love of Christ. We seek to develop and demonstrate this unconditional love for all people. The more we seek to live his gospel and grow closer to Him, the more profoundly we experience his love for ourselves individually and for others. The more we show this Christ-like unconditional love to others, the more we become like him.

Jesus Christ – His Love and Gospel is at the core of our beliefs and mission statement. We show we love him by how we live the two great commandments.(ref.) We seek to love him and others by serving them and uplifting them.. “The only true measure of true greatness is how close a man can become like Christ. And those who love him most, will be most like him.” ETB.


We are Loyal to our God, Our Country, Our Family, Our Mission Statement, and Our Core Values. In Our Company You are Family!

Personal Accountability

We believe in personal accountability. We don’t believe in saying ‘that’s not my job’. We will do what it takes as individuals and an organization to accomplish our Mission Statement and demonstrate our Core Values.


We will be united as a team to accomplish our Mission Statement, and live by our Core Values. We will fiercely fight the 5 enemies of unity: (1-5). We fiercely guard our culture as defined by our Mission Statement and our Core Values.

The Golden Rule

We live by this rule – Do unto others as you would have others do unto you!


We have Faith in Jesus Christ, and God the Eternal Father, and in the Holy Ghost! We have Faith in our Team members to do the right thing; To live by our Mission Statement and Core Values at My Dental Company!

Hard Work

We work very hard each day to give our all to our patient’s and fellow team members in providing consistent excellence.

Team Work
Continual Improvement
Passionately Serving
Bridging the gap between oral health and total wellness

Do Our Values Appeal to You?

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