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VP Operations
  • Hiking is my passion. I love that during my hikes I can clear my mind and focus only on that moment.
  • God and family are #1. I try to love, serve and give my all into what God needs of me, which always includes my dear family.
  • I always sneeze in threes, but not on purpose. Is that why I love prime numbers?
  • I sing or hum all the time (even though singing is not one of my strengths), but I do it anyways because it keeps me joyful.
  • I have a natural tendency to find something good about everything- even in the bad moments. I call it my Pollyanna disposition.


  • I’m originally from South Tucson, AZ, and moved to Colorado Springs in 2017.
  • I grew up playing tons of sports as a kid and do a lot of recreational sports now.
  • Some of my favorite activities are: Playing trivia, doing karaoke, listening to podcasts, going to baseball games, and reading.
  • My husband and I are obsessed with our miniature wire-haired Dachshund named Amigo.
  • I eat dark chocolate everyday and consider it a food group.


  • I have a house full of boys! I’m a loving wife and mother of two (Lincoln and Levi).
  • I love birds (own 7) and Labradors (own 2). Surprisingly they all get along and love each other.
  • In my free time I enjoy doing crafts, decorating, doing puzzles and organizing.
  • I am a military daughter and wife. I love moving. I see it as a new adventure!
  • Anytime I eat something spicy I get the hiccups!


  • Favorite of the office
  • Momma of a beautiful loving 2 year old.
  • Black is my favorite color!
  • Whoever you are, I have a sweeter tooth than you!
  • I love family time and making memories while laughing!


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