Don’t Let Gum Disease Destroy Your Health


Don’t Let Gum Disease Destroy Your Health

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Stay Safe With Periodontal Treatment


Your gums provide a vital protective seal for your teeth. When they become unhealthy it can impact your teeth and much more. Keeping gums healthy requires brushing and flossing regularly and avoiding tobacco products. If you do develop gum disease (periodontal disease), you’re facing potential tooth loss and eventual jawbone loss. Gum disease has even been linked to stroke, heart disease, and some cancers. This is because the bacteria behind gum disease can travel through your body to major organs. Avoid all of these problems with skilled periodontal treatment in Colorado Springs, CO.

Dr. Olson not only has 15 years in practice and training from the acclaimed Spear Education institute, he has a comprehensive understanding of the mouth-body connection. Put simply, if your mouth is unhealthy, your body will eventually become that way. The potential for serious systemic diseases stemming from gum disease is just one example. Count on Dr. Olson to help you avoid serious health complications from the very first signs. He, and our network of dental specialists, can provide the effective treatment you need for a variety of soft tissue-related conditions.

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Symptoms of Soft Tissue Problems

Tenderness, bleeding, and swelling

Gum recession

Persistent bad breath

Loose teeth

Sensitive teeth

Pockets between gums and teeth

Difficulty eating or speaking

Featured Periodontal Treatments

Scaling and Root Planing

Tartar, or hardened dental plaque, can collect on your teeth underneath the gums. If left untreated, this plaque may cause your gums and teeth to separate, leaving deep periodontal pockets between them that harbor disease-causing bacteria. During scaling Dr. Olson’s skilled hygienist scrapes away the tartar. She follows this with root planing, smoothing out the tooth root enamel to eliminate any crevices where bacteria can hide and grow. Your gums will then be able to reconnect with your teeth.

Periodontal Maintenance

At an advanced stage, gum disease is incurable but remains treatable. Once you complete your initial gum disease treatment, Dr. Olson may have you return to our office for periodic periodontal maintenance up to four times per year. These appointments give him the opportunity to do additional deep cleaning as needed to clear away any bacteria that may have built up since your prior visit.


Would you describe yourself as having a “gummy smile?” Although it typically doesn’t harm your health, an overgrowth of gum tissue can make your teeth look smaller than they are. We can provide a gingivectomy to rid your look of this excess tissue and rebalance a healthy-looking smile.

Perio Protect Trays

Gum disease treatment doesn’t always require a surgical procedure or even much time in the dental chair. With Perio Protect, you can undergo treatment from the comfort of your home or anywhere. This innovative solution works with custom-made mouth trays, similar to those sometimes used for aligning or whitening teeth. These administer medication below your gumline while you read, exercise, do housework, or engage in virtually any normal daily activity. Perio Protect delivers reliable results after just minutes per day!


You may not know what your frenula are, but you have multiple in your mouth and you use them every day. These are the slender tissues that connect your upper lip to your upper gums and secure your tongue to the floor of your mouth. When these tissues are too short, they can inhibit your ability to eat and speak in a normal, comfortable way. Dr. Olson can perform a frenectomy—the removal of these restrictive tissues—to allow your lips and tongue to move freely, and you to fully enjoy meals and conversations!

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