Tooth Extractions- COLORADO SPRINGS, CO

An End to Tooth Pain

Tooth Extractions - COLORADO SPRINGS, CO

An End to Tooth Pain

Dental Patient With Tooth Pain

Reliable Relief Through Tooth Removal

Tooth pain may be one of the most intense sensations one can experience. This is typically due to a problem with the nerves inside the teeth. At its severest level, tooth pain may prevent you from eating, sleeping or concentrating. Devoted to doing what’s right for you and your health, Dr. Doug Olson always attempts to treat an unhealthy tooth instead of removing it. If the decay or trauma is extensive, he may have no other choice but to remove the tooth. When this happens, count on Dr. Olson’s training and experience for skilled, pain-free tooth extractions in Colorado Springs, CO!

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When Tooth Extractions May Be Necessary

Persistent or acute tooth pain

A diseased tooth or damaged tooth

Swelling or pus around a tooth

damaged tooth graphic

Advanced-stage gum disease

Impacted wisdom teeth

Preparation for dental implants

Tooth Extraction Services We Offer

Tooth Extractions

The first step in any general tooth extraction is to make you comfortable using one of our sedation options. These may include oral sedation, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or IV sedation, which puts you in a sleep-like state for the duration of your treatment. You won’t feel or remember anything.

For general tooth extractions, Dr. Olson performs an extraction by gripping the tooth firmly with forceps and pulling it free of the socket. For impacted teeth or more complex tooth extractions, your tooth may be firmly rooted in the bone requiring additional surgical steps. Dr. Olson is experienced in providing either treatment and will ensure you’re comfortable during and after your treatment. During your recovery, he’ll provide a prescription for pain relief or recommend an over-the-counter option for you to use for added comfort.

After you have a tooth pulled, you’re left with a gap that may cause you embarrassment and make eating and speaking challenging. What’s more, the lack of a tooth can cause your jawbone to decay. Dental implants prevent all of those problems from occurring! Consider these durable, realistic replacement teeth the next logical step after a tooth extraction. Ask Dr. Olson or one of our team members for more information.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth usually erupt by our early 20s. Because they don’t grow alongside other adult teeth, they sometimes break only partly through the gums or not at all. These impacted teeth can cause multiple complications. Eruption is often painful, and the emerging teeth may press on adjacent healthy teeth, causing them to become misaligned. Wisdom teeth also grow at odd angles that make them hard to clean, making them more prone to decay.

Dr. Olson is fully qualified to remove wisdom teeth, a more complex surgical procedure than standard tooth extractions. For this he opens the gums and may need to remove the teeth in sections rather than pull them out whole. He’ll keep you relaxed and pain-free during this process with sedation (as mentioned above). Afterward, he’ll give you special instructions to follow to avoid dry socket, a painful complication that can occur in the empty tooth socket during healing. Unlike other teeth, wisdom teeth never need to be replaced, so once they’re out and you’ve fully recovered you won’t need to worry about them ever again!

When You Need Extractions, You Need Dr. Olson

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