Meet Our General Dentist - COLORADO SPRINGS, CO

Meet Dr. Mohit Soni

Meet Our General Dentist - COLORADO SPRINGS, CO

Meet Dr. Mohit Soni

Dr. Doug Olson

Dr. Mohit Soni

Dr. Mohit Soni was originally born and raised in India where he finished his primary schooling and initial dental education. Dr. Soni immigrated to Michigan with his parents and sibling to rejoin the rest of his family and diligently started working towards acceptance into a specialized program for foreign trained dental professionals that would allow him to be a licensed dentist in the United States.

Dr. Soni graduated from the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine’s Advanced standing program in December 2022 and loves serving his community at My Dental Company.

Dr. Soni currently lives with his wife and daughter, as well as his family, here in Colorado Springs. He and his wife enjoy being brand-new parents and taking care of their daughter. His hobbies include: biking, hiking, learning to cook various vegetarian dishes and playing cricket or badminton at times.

Dr. Soni’s current affiliations are with the American Dental Association (ADA), Colorado Dental Association (CDA), Metro Dental Dental Society (MDDS) and a member of DOCS education. Like Doctor Olson, he enjoys taking continuing education courses to keep up with the current advances in dentistry that help him provide quality dental treatment to families in our community.

My Dental Co is excited for you to meet him and see why we trust him to be an extension of our dental family.

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