Oral Health Is Serious: 5 Signs You Should Go to a Dentist

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Taking care of your oral health is not only important for your teeth but it’s important for your overall health, too. According to the WHO, almost 3.5 million people suffer from oral diseases, and those who experience gum disease are at greater risk of developing chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. While it’s recommended to visit your dental service at least once every six months for a regular cleaning, here are some of the most common signs you need to call your dentist for an exam.

1. Dental Pain or Signs of Infection

If you have a cavity, you may notice pain when you chew certain foods or drink cold beverages. However, if you’re experiencing severe pain, this could be a warning sign that your cavity has progressed deeper into the tooth and is now impacting the root. If you’re in severe pain or if you notice swollen gums or signs of infection around the tooth, it’s crucial to contact your local dental service right away.

2. Family History

A family history of gum disease can put you at greater risk of developing this disease, and it’s important to tell your dentist so they can keep a close eye on your dental health. For example, your dentist may prescribe you a toothpaste high in fluoride to help protect your enamel to keep it as strong as possible for as long as possible.

3. Swollen Gums

Gums should be pink and firm. Poor oral health can change that. If you notice your gums appear red and swollen, this could be due to inflammation and a potential sign of gum disease. It’s crucial to address this problem with your dentist before it gets worse.

4. Bleeding Gums

It’s common for your gums to bleed if you accidentally brush too hard. However, if you notice blood every time you brush or floss, it’s recommended to contact your dental service. Your dentist can perform an exam to ensure everything is okay and recommend different techniques you can use to make sure your teeth stay happy and healthy.

5. Gums Receding

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time and your oral health hasn’t been doing well, you may be at risk of gum disease. As gum disease progresses, your gums may slowly recede away from your teeth. This can expose the tooth’s root, resulting in sensitive teeth and significant pain. In extreme cases, you may even lose your teeth. If you notice that your gumline looks different than usual, it’s highly recommended to reach out to your local dental service to schedule an appointment.

Having good oral health is essential, and visiting your local dental service can help you protect your teeth and your smile. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms above or if you’re interested in scheduling an appointment, be sure to reach out to our team at My Dental Co today!


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