COVID19 and Gas stations – Urgent Health Tip

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Family and Friends,

We have received reports of people getting COVID19 from gas stations. I would presume that this is may be from touching a gas pump handle and/ or the key pad that someone else has touched who is COVID19 positive.

I think it is important to remember gas stations can be a place of high risk transmission of many kinds of bacterial and viruses including COVID19, because they often are not cleaned frequently and often not cleaned well. Not to be disgusting, but think of how many times people go use a gas station rest-room, do not wash their hands, then come out and pump gas. OK, now that’s just Gross!

COVID19 Health tip – When pumping gas:

1- Of course, wear a cloth face mask when out side your house.

2 – If you have disposable gloves wear them while pumping gas and paying for gas.

Then pull the gloves off inside out, and throw the disposable gloves away prior to entering your vehicle.

3- If you do not have gloves:

Use an antiseptic wipe to wipe off the key pad, and gas pump handle prior to use. If you can, for best results wait 5 – 10 min. Prior to using the pump to allow the antiseptic time to kill the virus. If you don’t like the wait, there are a couple of sanitizers that kill the virus in 30 seconds, see the link below.

Then use a hand sanitizer to clean your hands prior to getting back into your vehicle.

4- At this time, I would avoid using the gas station rest-rooms if at all possible. If you cannot avoid them. Then use an arsenal of gloves, antiseptic wipes, and face mask when using the rest-rooms. I would even say use a gas mask if you have one, LOL. Remember if you can don’t touch door knobs without gloves or a tissue to cover them. Unless, you can wash or clean your hands with wipes immediately after.

Here is a link from the EPA for disinfectant options for COVID19

The Good News – This may create a positive life change for all of us when it comes to pumping gas!

Stay Safe and Healthy Everyone!
In Our Company Your Are Family!

Douglas Olson DMD
My Dental Company

© Douglas Olson DMD, My Dental Company


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