Affordable Dentures in Colorado Springs

Millions of people all over the United States use dentures. By some estimates, about half of American adults 55 or older have them. With today’s dental technology – accompanied by compassionate care from My Dental Company – there’s no need to worry about inconvenience from dental dentures. It’s easier than ever to restore your smile with a proven Colorado Springs dentist.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth appropriate when you have lost several or even all of your original teeth. They can be used to replace multiple consecutive teeth, up to and including the full set of teeth on the top or bottom arch of the mouth. Dentures are intended to look like your natural teeth while supporting your cheeks and lips so the face muscles do not sag and make you look older.

If you still have some unhealthy natural teeth, they will be removed before your dentures are placed. Your complete dentures will have replacement teeth fitted into them by an acrylic base, which is made closely to match the natural color of your gums. Here are the different kinds of dentures you can choose from based on your situation.

Conventional Complete Dentures

A conventional complete denture is created and placed in your mouth after the teeth are taken out and the gum tissues have healed, which can take up to several months. The base of the upper denture is designed to cover the roof of the mouth and rest against your gums so that it stays in place.

The lower denture is molded in the shape of a horseshoe so there is room for your tongue and muscle attachments and rests on the gum and bone tissues of the dental ridge. Your tongue and the muscles in your check also help to hold this lower denture in place.

Implant-Supported Complete Dentures

Dentures can also be attached to dental implants, which are posts that are surgically placed in the upper and lower jaw, and help the denture be more stable, secure, and can help reduce bone loss.

Many patients come to find that dentures supported by implants are actually more comfortable and secure than conventional dentures. Unfortunately, not everyone can get implants because one has to be in good health and have enough bone to support the implants. Your dentist will verify with you whether you are a good candidate for dental implants.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are an option for some patients, and are made before the patient’s remaining teeth are removed. Once the denture has been made and is ready for you at your dentist’s office, the dentist can remove your teeth and place the denture in right away. With immediate dentures, you can avoid missing teeth during dealing time, which can take up to several months. Once healing is complete, the dentures may need to be adjusted or even replaced with a completely new set.

Choosing the Right Dentures for You

When it’s time for dentures, it’s essential to start with a complete dental exam and consultation with an expert dentist. X-rays should be taken to understand your current dental health and find out whether dentures are the right option for you.

In general, dentists strive to preserve natural teeth if possible. However, there may come a time in a patients’ life when dentures are the superior option. The selection of full or partial, fixed or removable dentures represents an important personal health and lifestyle choice.

If you think you’re a candidate for dentures, contact My Dental Company, a trusted Colorado Springs dentist, and we will be glad to help you make an informed choice. To get started, contact us to request an appointment.