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My Dental Company runs on the efforts of our dedicated staff, 11 professionals with diverse skills, talentsĀ and interests. Everyone strives to provide you with the caring and compassionate service you expect from your trusted dental team.



Dawn, VP Operations

1- Hiking is my passion. I love that during my hikes I can clear my mind and focus only on that moment.

2- God and family are #1. I try to love, serve and give my all into what God needs of me, which always includes my dear family of six.

3- I always sneezes in threes, but not on purpose. Is that why I love prime numbers?

4- I sing or hum all the time (even though singing is not one of my strengths), but I do it anyways because it keeps me joyful.

5- I have a natural tendency to find something good about everything- even in the bad moments. I call it my Pollyanna disposition.

Jeni, Administrative Director

1- Family, I am all about family. Spending time with my kids and grandkids is my passion.

2- Volunteerism is another area I devote my time in. I have received a lifetime Presidents Volunteer Service Award for serving more than 6,000 community service hours.

3- Faith. I served as a worship leader for 7 years while living in San Diego, CA. I love to sing and serve God anyway I am called.

4- I love dogs and would own 100 if I could, but for now I breed and raise AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgis. I own two Corgi’s and a token Chihuahua.

5- I currently sit on the Board of Directors for Miss California and serve as an Executive Board Member for the Council of Youth Empowerment.






1- I love to spend time with my family (daughter, son, and granddaughter). They are my life!!!

2- Hot tea and my one Dr. Pepper a day are my lifelines; couldn’t make it through the day without them.

3- Country dancing is a passion of mine. So much fun!!!!!!

4- I love to make people laugh even if they are laughing at me. It helps make hard days and times easier, and laughter is good for the soul.

5- I like relaxing with a nice book, playing games with my kids, or just listening to music.

John, EDDA

1- I am an aspiring councilor. People tell me their problems, so I might as well get paid for it.

2- I have a sweet carb addiction. Agave Juice mostly.

3- I practice and teach Taichi, Silat and other Asian Martial Arts.

4- I enjoy playing sci-fi/military games with my buddies.

5- Most of all, I enjoy spending time and adventures with my life partner Jo of 15 years.


Smiling Man



1- My family is my life. Everything I do is for them.

2- Sunshine, family, and being outdoors are all I need in life.

3- I am a very driven person who sets out and reaches my goals.

4- You will know where I am because I am always laughing.

5- I love to travel. Seeing and learning about far off places feels like a story book you can actually live.


1- I love spending time with my husband and 2 wonderful boys.

2- We have 2 dogs Romo and Dallas (we are big Cowboys fans).

3- I enjoy hiking and fishing- love the outdoors.

4- My family and I are big on sports: Dallas Cowboys and San Antonio Spurs.

5- I am a natural redhead.